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That Little Nook

Gold Granite Marble with flowers

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Gold Granite Marble Concrete with light or dark granite top

SALE REASON : Imperfect - The dark granite is chipped slightly on the top edge of these sets. Please see photos.

The gorgeous Concrete Planter is Handmade by Soilamore and filled with the gorgeous Little Fairy Blooms.

The Marble Planter will come filled with Sunset Coloured Little Blooms - you may request a different colour combo as seen in the listed pictures. just let me know in the cart notes or via email If you do not leave a message I will send Sunset colours.

Size of Planter :  9cm in Diameter x 4cm tall

 The Mini Blooms are best watered every week but on occassion they can go up to 4-6 weeks without being watered. So if your set gets delivered a month before you gift it - it will be ok to be left wrapped up. Try to store in a cooler area.


100% Real Chrysanthemum Miniature Flowers set in artificial moss
These tiny flowers have been cut during the early stages of growth are snap frozen using exclusive Japanese technology to retain their tiny size.
They require a few sprays from a water bottle once a week to retain their freshness and last up to 10 years.
A few sprays of water will see them magically close tight into a bud and they will open up again as they dry.
They require no soil, and no direct sunlight - so they are best displayed in a living room or bedroom.

Please allow 1-2 weeks for you order to be made and posted. If you require the set sooner or by a specific date please mention in the checkout comments or email me at

How to take care of these flowers:
-Water once a week with 4-5 sprays from a tiny spray bottle. The bud will close up into buds when its wet/humid and open again when dry
- Do not sit in direct sunlight. Display indoors.
- Do not require soil or fertiliser
- Do not over water

All sets also come with a mini spray bottle and a Care Card for the flowers.

*Please note : The Blooms shades of Colours change from order to order and every colour may not always be available. If you request a specific colour scheme and it cannot be filled it will be matched as close as possible from what is available.

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