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Great Dome

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Use code PICKUPMARIONSA for free pick up at OmMade Meet the Maker, Marion Shopping Centre, South Australia. Please allow 1-2 weeks for a pick up date.

Use code PICKUPWESTLAKES for free pick up at OmMade, West Lakes. Please allow 1-3 weeks for a pick up date.

The flowers are best watered weekly but can go for longer periods here and there without a spray. So receiving them 3-4 weeks before you gift them will be fine to leave them unwatered. Just store them in a dark cooler spot in the house.


Great Dome with Sign and Figures

A Large dome shaped vase with a custom sign and Figures
14cm Tall x 18cm Diameter

This is my largest vase and can fit the most people - up to 20 ! (see size comparison against the large balloon vase which fits 10 people)

The Custom Sign :  You can choose from 1- 6 small words for this set.  Please specify the words you would like on the sign in Cart Note

To add a note : click on the 'add a note to your order' in your checkout cart before you click check out

If you do not specify the word for the sign you will receive a 'love' sign. 

You can also add figurines to this set. Please let me know gender, age, hair colour and style

The Blooms are best watered every week but they can go 3-4 weeks without being watered on occasion. If your set gets delivered a month before you gift it - it will be ok to leave unwatered. Try to store in a cooler area.


Little Fairy Blooms are real Chrysanthemum flowers.
These tiny flowers have been cut during the early stages of growth and are snap frozen to stay their tiny size.

 Spray them with water once a week to keep their freshness for up to 10yrs. When you spray them you will see the petals slowly close into a bud and bloom again as they dry.

How to take care of these flowers:
- Spray with water once a week using the tiny spray bottle. 
- Tap water is fine but you can use demineralised water to lessen water marks on glass.
- Do not sit in direct sunlight. Display indoors.
Each set will come with care instructions card and mini spray bottle

*Please note : The Blooms shades of Colours change from order to order and every colour may not always be available. If you request a specific colour scheme and it cannot be filled it will be matched as close as possible from what is available.

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