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Frequently Asked Questions

 Little Fairy Blooms

- Will the little flowers grow any bigger?  No, the miniature Chrysanthemums have been snap frozen at early stages of growth, so will stay their miniature size forever.

- My flowers have closed into buds without me watering them..have I broken them?  You haven't broken your blooms :) If it's a little humid where you live, or if there is extra moisture in the air, the flowers will suck in the moisture as a self '-watering system and will close into buds. This just means you might not have to water them yourself quite as often. If you can move the flowers to a less humid location e.g. the bathroom may not be the best room to keep them.

- After a while the glass vase gets dirty inside - any tips? Over time the glass vases will get water marks built up inside. Try using distilled or rain water to stop this from happen as quickly.

The best way to clean the vase is to wait until they are closed into buds after their weekly spray of water. Then use a damp tissue to wipe the glass inside where you can reach, followed by a dry tissue to avoid water marks. The flowers are in a less fragile state when wet and closed, so your unlikely to have any breakages.
If you knock a flower whilst wiping, just use your fingers or tweezers to carefully push it back into place.

Some vases are easier to clean that others. For the hard to reach spots try using a thin paintbrush with a bit of tissue on the end.

 - My set has arrived and the moss isn't sitting flat like the pictures... Unfortunately the moss will move during transit. This is unavoidable. Just use something thin to gently push the moss back down flat e.g. skewer, tiny paintbrush handle, spoon handle etc.

- Can I put the flowers outside in our Fairy Garden? Unfortunately not. The outdoors are too harsh for these little blooms. Winds and Rain may cause the fragile petals to fall off and the Sun will dry them out a lot faster, lowering their life span considerably. These are an indoor flower only.

- Can I place the flowers in soil (indoor plant pot) ? If the soil will be wet often from watering other plants in the same pot (e.g. succulents) I would recommend not to. Keeping the flowers in wet soil may cause weakness in the stem and also mould over time. However, if you will not be wetting the soil itself and just spraying the flowers then yes, this would be fine.