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That Little Nook

PRE -ORDER Starter pack - primary colours

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Starter pack - the basics you need to get you started with polymer clay

Stock will be back this week for postage next week (or Thursday with luck!) - minus the acrylic roller. I have discounted the price to leave out the roller.


-small plastic mat

-4 random plastic tools

-2 random ball point tools

-1 white Sculpey 57g

-1 black Sculpey slither

-1 Hazelnut brown Sculpey approx 28g

-3 coloured blocks - 1 x each of red hot red, yellow and blue (primary colours) approx 28g

- ziplock bags for storage

-1 polymer clay beginners hints and tip guide

-- SOLD OUT and not included : acrylic roller


This is all you need to get you started. As you continue your experimenting with clay you can expand your tools and materials and I have given examples in my clay guide.

I also have the rainbow start pack - with an additional 4 colours included

Have fun and I would love to see your creations !

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