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Tiny Treasure Movement

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Tiny Treasure Movement

These will be ready to post within 3-4 business days

 I have started hiding little polymer clay treasures around SA for people to randomly find. I attach a note saying :

'This tiny treasure is yours to earn

if you do something in return,

keep this little treasure you found

but spread the kindness around'

with the hashtag #tinytreasuremovement for finders to share their find, and hiders to share their hide.

You can join in by: 

Making your own little houses and attaching the notes.  I am happy to email you a free copy of the little notes to print yourself and attach to your houses (you will need to cover in clear contact yourself to weatherproof). Just email me at thatlittlenook@yahoo.com.au

Or you cany purchase ready made contact covered notes to attach to your houses (with string attached)
OR you can purchase a little bundle of houses with the notes included - just attach the notes with string or ribbon and hide away. 

 I do encourage everyong to have a go at making their own houses. Use polymer clay, it comes in all kinds of colours so you dont need to hand paint any details, just use different colours for the details. It can be purchased from any art store. You bake it in the oven once you have made the piece and its ready to go and weatherproof. Feel free to email me for any help/ tips for making and baking the clay. I also have some tips and trick on working with polymer clay here https://thatlittlenook.com.au/blogs/polymer-clay-tips-and-tricks

 If you do want to join in all I ask is you follow these simple rules :
-Do not hide them where smaller children can find them (hide them a little higher up)
-Do not hide them in schools, playgrounds(unless higher up out of reach of smaller children) or private properties.  Stick to parks, walking trails and reserves.
- By purchasing the houses from me and participating in the movement you are taking responsibility for your own hides and I have no responsibility once they are in your hands.

- Once you have hidden them take a photo and share it on Instagram #tinytreasuremovement or facebook, twitter etc

This is lighthearted fun, to spread some love and kindess and bring a smile to someones face

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