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Tiny Treasures : Tools to start you off

Polymer clay tips Tiny treasures

A few days ago I talked about Polymer Clay, my favourite brand and the best colours to get you started.

Now you need a 'Tool Guide'

 The best tools you will ever have are your hands.

You will do most of the work with your fingers and to be honest all you really need to make little houses are your hands and a hobby knife for cutting the clay.

However as you experiment further and start making larger pieces you will need a few other things along the way.

Below is a list of tools to get you started and you can purchase them instore from art stores like Spotlight, Riot Art, Art to Art or Eckersleys. You can also purchase them online from Ebay or other small online art stores.  Just search in Google for the product and find the best price.

My most used Polymer Clay Tools:

1. Hobby knife.  I use one like this to do most of my cutting >> Hobby knife

2. Acrylic Roller : like this one here >> Sculpey Acrylic Roller

3. Metal Ball modelling tools for adding details like windows and eyes to figurines.
>> Ball point tools

4. A set of modelling tools comes in very handy for small details, like this one on ebay

>> modelling tools set

5. A toothbrush.  Something you can grab at a supermarket and make effects in clay to look like sand and cake.

6. You can go even further and get Cookie cutters, texture sheets, and clay extruders. It all depends on far you want to go !

Next time I will tell you the best work surfaces to use and tips for making and baking the pieces !

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